Monthly Archives: January 2012

Welcome to The Sassy Republitarian.

It is time.  I have intended to start my own blog for some time now.  Personal attacks on me by Republican establishment bullies have inspired me to stop procrastinating.  While current responsibilities and commitments have tried to convince me otherwise, it is time to expand my message outside of Facebook and into the worldwide blogosphere.  So here it goes.

Generally speaking, I will cover Constitutional infringements, legal research, all freedom issues, and perhaps some personal meanderings.

Please stay tuned for updates regarding the Educating David Stein series, party politics and the false right-left paradigm, war, food freedom issues, Constitutional topics, Veterans outreach, praises of Oath Keepers and illuminations of Oath Breakers.

The Constitution in 7 words: Don’t hurt me.  Don’t take my stuff.

In Freedom with love,



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